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(Future Leaders Of the World)

Youth Empowerment Group

Youth Empowerment: Enhancing youth’s ability to become catalyst for change; empowering youth to utilize skills, knowledge and resources to, positively, affect their own lives, families, neighborhoods, communities, schools, other systemic institutions and society, as a whole.

The F.L.O.W. focuses on Youth Empowerment at the individual and systemic level by increasing awareness and active participation in systems and institutions that affect youths’ daily lives and their future.

The Youth Empowerment model equips youth to be actively involved with environmental, cultural and worldly changes by engaging in activities that produces systemic and multi-systemic system change.

Check out The F.L.O.W. (Future Leaders of the World)

The FLOW Empowerment registration form can be downloaded here

and emailed to [email protected].

The FLOW Newspaper is coming Soon!!!

AAREO Scholarship

(Academic Achievements Raises Economic Opportunities)

LAHC is sponsoring the AAREO Scholarship*

in Loving Memory of Aareyun James.

The goal of AAREO is to increase graduation rates

for at-risk youth and youth offenders

by providing community re-entry and youth empowerment services. 

While we can never forget that Aareyun's, life was brutally ended by gun violence…WE will ALWAYS remember that Aareyun lived!

We have chosen to commemorate and memorialize Aareyun’s life by the way of awarding children with the opportunities that he no longer has…the opportunity to live out their full potential

in pursuit of academic achievements!

Join our efforts to give children the tools to succeed…

We can change the world, 1 child at a time…

as Aareyun would say…

”Let’s do It!”