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RSVP parties

R.S.V.P. parties are wellness parties, conducted with at least 4 participants, in 2 hr. sessions.

R.S.V.P. parties can be held as a one time event or repetitively as a focus group; the session could be tailored for individuals, groups and community leaders in a home or place of choice to strategize ways for identifying, addressing and alleviating varying community issues.

R.S.V.P. parties educate participants and aim to produce community advocates and resident leaders in the community, thus, increase the availability of support and resources which are needed to reduce crime and violence and other identified social issues.

The goals of R.S.V.P. parties are:

• to increase community awareness

• to engage community residents

• increase parental involvement

• to decrease the percentage of teen pregnancy

• to decrease crime and lower the recidivism rate

• to increase the percentage of high school graduates

• lower the percentage of individuals living in poverty

• increase the earning potential for urban families

• increase health care knowledge and availability

• increase the accessibility of resources for individuals and families.

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